Reporters learned from the informed sources, this will be announced in the field of smart home this month, follow-up strategy, in addition to joint hardware manufacturers to launch smart TV and other smart home hardware, will also publish online education, health, community, shopping And many other Internet services. According to reports, Lazi smart home field, but in the this involved in the initial attempt of the Internet of Things industry, the future will have a greater action.

It is understood that in this had previously launched called "Yue me" wisdom of the family platform, through the corresponding hardware products, users can provide audio and video entertainment, people's livelihood applications, health services and smart home applications and other family information services and rich Of distance education and training of small and medium enterprises and other applications. And the upcoming smart home strategy, it is "Yue me" platform for further extension.

For this, the smart home area is both a strategic layout, but also its "to the pipeline" an important measure.

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